Grand River Kayak

July 10, 2014


Get 'Em Before They're GONE!

LAST UPDATED : SEPTEMBER 13th, 2014 So, every season at about this time, we go through our boat inventory and compile a list of models that are almost sold out for the season - for you procrastinators out there who always think there's plenty of time to pick up that kayak, canoe or SUP you've been dreaming about. As you can see, some models have already sold out since we originally posted this list. Some of these models CAN be custom ordered once they're sold out, but any new inventory will be at 2015 season prices - hint, prices are likely to go UP next year.... Here goes: KAYAKS Advanced Elements : Air Fusion (folding inflatable kayak) - SOLD OUT Current Designs : Sirocco - LAST ONE Current Designs : Squall GTS - LAST ONE (DEMO) Current Designs : Solstice GTS - LAST ONE (USED) Liquid Logic : Remix XP9 - SOLD OUT Liquid Logic : Remix XP10 - SOLD OUT Liquid Logic : Stinger XP - LAST ONE Necky : Rip 10 - SOLD OUT Necky : Chatham 17 - SOLD OUT Necky : Elias - LAST ONE Necky : Vector 14 - LAST ONE Ocean Kayak : Banzai - LAST ONE Ocean Kayak : Peek-A-Boo - LAST ONE Ocean Kayak : Prowler 13 Angler - SOLD OUT Ocean Kayak : Trident 13 Angler - Just 2 left Old Town : Dirigo 120 Angler - SOLD OUT Old Town : Dirigo Tandem Plus - LAST ONE Old Town : Predator 13 - SOLD OUT! Old Town : Twister - Just 2 left SUP BOARDS Starboard : Atlas 12-0 X 33 AST WHITE - LAST ONE Starboard : Blend 11-2 X 30 ASAP - SOLD OUT Blu Wave : Catalina 14 - LAST ONE (PADDLED ONCE) Blu Wave : Big Woody 12.6 - LAST ONE Blu Wave : Woody 10.6 - LAST ONE Blu Wave : Wave Rider 11.6 - SOLD OUT Blu Wave : Wave Rider 10.6 - SOLD OUT Blu Wave : Easy Rider Karma 10.6 - Just 2 left CANOES Old Town : Charles River 15 - ONE EACH RED, GREEN LEFT
June 23, 2014


Canada's New Anti-Spam Legislation Takes Effect July 1, 2014

On July 1st, Canada's new anti-spam legislation comes into effect. While some electronic messages from charities are exempt, we need your express consent to continue sending our e-news and updates.

To confirm that we have your consent to send you news by email, please click the button below. Unfortunately, this legislation requires us to remove you from our email list on July 1st, 2014, unless you've opted in. [wysija_form id="1"]
April 22, 2014


Blu Wave SUP - Just Added for 2014

We are now Blu Wave SUP dealers!

BluWave_SUP_CategoriesWe are pleased to announce that we will be carrying the full line of Blu Wave SUP boards, paddles and accessories, including the AWESOME "Carbon Race 14" ! The first shipment is expected to arrive during the last week of April. "Blu Wave’s mission is to design and manufacture quality boards in shapes that provide optimal paddling in a variety of conditions that we find at home here in Canada. From our Wave Series, designed to surf the smaller waves of the Great Lakes or ocean breaks in Tofino or Lawrencetown, to our Touring Series boards, designed for flat water touring on glassy smaller inland lakes in Muskoka, The Laurentians and the BC Interior, each of our boards are “designed in Canada, for Canadian waters”. We use quality fibres and epoxy resins to provide a durable product, in an attractive package. Our Epoxy Bamboo Construction produces strong boards at a strength to weight ratio unrivaled in the industry. Our use of bamboo, recognizes the need to use natural, renewable materials in manufacturing. Style is important to us, and our boards retain a consistent and unique “Blu Wave” style. When you see a Blu Wave, you know it’s a Blu Wave." - from the Blu Wave website We will be stocking the entire Blu Wave line, from the kid's-specific "Mini Rider 8.0" to the budget-friendly "Easy Rider 10.6" and "Wave Rider 11.6", the yoga-inspired "Easy Rider Karma 10.6", the "Woody 10.6" or the ultimate SUP race board, the "Carbon Race 14.0", you'll find them all here, as well as the entire "Catalina Series" of displacement hull touring boards in three sizes, the 11.4, 12.6 and 14.0. We'll also have Blu Wave paddles and board leashes in stock, and for rent. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!! Check out the Blu Wave products in our online store. blu_wave_catalina_11-4_SUP blu_wave_catalina_12-6_SUP blu_wave_catalina_14_SUP Blu Wave SUP Catalina 14 Action Blu Wave SUP Woody Seafoam Blu Wave SUP Catalina 14BluWave_SUP_Distinctly_Canadian Blu Wave SUP Underwater Perspective
April 14, 2014


Welcome SPRING 2014

We celebrated the beginning of our 9th Season this past weekend, with a Grand Re-Opening Open House and Sale!

Were you here? With the milder weather, sunshine, and regular store hours all returning, we often get questions about "when the season REALLY gets going"?

The easy, and complicated, answer is that "it depends"....

Weather is still unpredictable. Case in point, we had two AWESOME days this past weekend - lots of sun and warm temperatures. Yet, as I sit and write this, it is pouring rain outside my window and the weather forecasters are calling for another round of snow (GASP!) before this system is through with us. The ice in Grand River in front of our place has only been melted for about a week, and there is still plenty of ice on Lake Erie even now. ice_breaking_up_Spring_paddlingWe understand that it's been a LONG Winter and people are anxious to get back out on the water - but the reality is that water as cold as it is right now is simply too dangerous. If you are an experienced kayaker who owns your own drysuit and has comes prepared for the water temperatures, that's cool. Otherwise, we don't open up rentals, tours, lessons, or even test paddling until the river reaches 15C. Don't kid yourself, that's still cold, but it isn't considered "dangerously cold". Please see our post about the dangers of cold water immersion from a couple of seasons ago, HERE. The exact timing of the Grand River thawing to 15C is different every year, and based on this last Winter, we expect it's going to be a bit later than normal. We will post regular updates on the website and on our Facebook page. We're looking forward to an excellent season, and can't wait for you to join us on the water....when the water is ready! In the meantime, our Spring Store Hours are: Mondays: CLOSED Tuesdays: CLOSED Wednesdays: CLOSED Thursdays: 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm Fridays: 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm Saturdays: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Sundays: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Of course, the web-store s always open 24/7, and 99.9% of all all tours, lessons, and products can be purchased directly online. See our post here for instructions on reserving your tours, lessons, trips and other services through the website. snow_open_water_paddling ****PLEASE NOTE: The paddler in both of these photos (ME) was wearing a drysuit, insulating layers, neoprene liner gloves with a Goretex (tm) outer layer, and had additional spare clothes in a drybag, as well as a cellphone in a watertight case. At no time was I more than a few metres from shore.
January 14, 2014


River Access Points on the Grand River

Grand River Kayak's territory covers the length of the Grand River as it flows through Haldimand County, from Caledonia (launch # 25) in the north, to Lake Erie (launch # 32). We have YEARS of experience paddling this stretch of the Grand River. We are here to assist, whether you need a shuttle for your own kayak, canoe or SUP, or need a rental, or a guided trip. Your safety, and enjoyment of the Grand River, are our primary concerns. Caledonia to Cayuga Grand River Kayak Courtesy of the Grand River Conservation Authority. See original here This is a list of major access and pull-out points on the Grand. In addition, many bridge crossings on the Grand have road allowances on either side, which permit public access to the river. Please respect private property while accessing the river. Be careful on steep or slippery banks. River conditions vary and may change, sometimes suddenly. Man-made obstacles, obstructions, alterations, or new construction on or near the river may also change or affect river conditions. Remember that SAFETY is a personal responsibility. More information on these access points is available in the book Paddling the Grand River which includes map locations for each one.  1) Belwood Village Follow Wellington County Road 26 to Wellington County Road 19 in Belwood. Turn west on County Road 19 and access the lake from a Conservation Authority property downstream of the bridge on the right-hand bank (entry fee). 2) Belwood Lake Conservation Area You can enter through the main gate of the Belwood Lake Conservation Area (entry fee), just off the Fergus-Orangeville Road (Wellington County Rd. 18). Access to the reservoir is upstream of the Shand Dam. You can also access the river from below the dam, off the park service road leading to the swimming area. 3) Elora Gorge Conservation Area (camping) You enter the Elora Gorge Conservation Area from Wellington County Road 21 and access the river from the low-level bridge at the downstream end of the park (entry and camping fee).  4) Downstream of Inverhaugh at Wilson's Flats You can enter and pull out at Pilkington Eighth Line Rd. EW, approximately 2 kilometres downriver of Inverhaugh off Wellington Country Road 21. If you are canoeing or kayaking, this is the first bridge downstream of the Elora Gorge Conservation Area. Stick to the main channel. 5) West Montrose Immediately downstream of the covered bridge on the left bank, off Rivers Edge Drive. Nearby Letson Park provides parking (day use only). 6) Winterbourne Turn west off Regional Road 23, onto Woolwich Township Road 48 (Peel St.) near the Winterbourne Christian School. You can access the river from the left bank on the downstream side of the old iron bridge. 7) Conestogo Village Below the junction of the Conestogo River and the Grand River at a low bank area on the left off Waterloo Regional Road 17. This is about 1.0 kilometre west of the junction with Regional Road 23. The access point is directly under the hydro tower corridor over the river, on the left bank 0.8 kilometre downstream of the bridge over the Grand in Conestogo. 8) Waterloo - Kaufman's Flats The entrance to the Flats is east off University Avenue East, just north of Lexington Road in Waterloo. It is about 200 metres down the hill from University Avenue East. Park beside the river at the Claude Dubrick Trailway - Walter Bean Trail parking lot. 9) Kitchener - Bridgeport Turn in to the first parking lot entrance to the Joe Thompson Sportsfield at the east end (left bank) of the Bridge St. bridge across the Grand in Kitchener (Bridgeport). Walk up the ramp at the west end of the lot onto the flood protection dike. Walk a few metres upstream on the dike and take the left fork down to the river, and put in to the river at the footing of the bridge. 10) Kitchener - Bingemans (camping) Bingemans is on the eastern edge of Kitchener at 425 Bingemans Centre Drive, just off Victoria Street (Hwy. 7). River access is on the right bank behind the Embassy Room building. Pull out from the river 30 minutes downstream of the Bridgeport bridge on the right bank immediately downriver of the trailers along the river (camping fee and no launch fee). If you see the Victoria St. (Hwy. 7) bridge, you have paddled too far. 11) Kitchener - Stanley Park The entrance to the parking lot is on Shirley Drive, just north of Highway 7/Victoria Street, on the right bank, immediately before Highway 7 crosses the Grand River in Breslau. It is necessary to portage around two small ponds to reach the river. 12) Kitchener - Freeport Schneider Park is on the west side of King St. E. across from Freeport Hospital downstream of the old Hwy. 8 or King St. E. bow string bridge. 13) Cambridge (Blair) - Moyer's Blair Landing Off Fountain Street just downstream of Highway 401 at Moyer's Blair Landing. The landing is 200 metres downstream of the Fountain St. bridge on the left side. 14) Cambridge (Galt) - Riverbluffs Park From George Sreet on the right bank approximately 100 metres upstream of the railway bridge, there is a boat ramp at the Cambridge Rowing Club / Ancient Mariners Canoe Club landing for easy pull-out to end a canoe or kayak trip. If your trip extends beyond Cambridge, you must portage across Park Hill Road and put in downstream of the Parkhill Dam. Trips beginning in Cambridge should not start here, but rather at the GTO/Rail-Trail access. 15) Cambridge (Galt) - Cambridge to Paris Rail-Trail Many canoeists and kayakers use the access downstream of the Petro Canada gas station on the left or east bank off Highway 24 (Water St.) north of Myers Road at the south end of Cambridge. This is also the northern trail head of the Cambridge to Paris Rail-Trail. 16) Glen Morris - Eric Thomlinson Access Ramp There is a Rail-Trail parking lot at the end of Forbes Street, two blocks south of the Glen View General Store. Access is gained by crossing the Rail-Trail and taking the new path to the river. For pull-out at this location, after paddling under the Glen Morris bridge, take the right channel past the island and immediately cut across the river to the left bank. The left channel has been impassable at times in the past.  17) Paris - Penman's Dam Pull out immediately underneath the railway bridge on the east or left bank, but be careful climbing the steep stairs up to Willow Street. Immediately downstream is a dangerous low head dam and cement walls. Access is regained by means of the canoe ramp extending down the dike below the dam on the left side of the river. Stay clear of the "boil" or dangerous undertow below the dam. 18) Paris - Bean Park For trips starting in Paris, there is more parking and less crowding if you launch at Bean Park, located on the right bank off Race Street in the area of town downstream of the Dundas St. high-level bridge. 19) Brantford - Brant Conservation Area (camping) Brant Conservation Area is on Jennings Road off Highway 53 on the west side of Brantford. It is the first overnight stop on trips starting from Cambridge. Pull out on the right side above the Wilkes Dam and contact the Area Superintendent for a camping site (entry and camping fee). For trips starting here, there is a new launching area built in 2003 within the park that will eliminate portaging Wilkes Dam. 20) Brantford - Ballantyne Drive Turn right just after the intersection of Ballantyne Drive and Spalding Drive to the flats along the river. To pull out here, look for a clearing on the right bank and a gravel parking area and road leading up to Ballantyne Drive. 21) Brantford - Gilkison's Flats On the west or right bank off Gilkison Street, downstream of the BSAR bridge. 22) Brantford - Cockshutt Bridge Off Cockshutt Road (Erie Ave.) downstream of the Cockshutt bridge, on the left or north bank of the river. 23) Ohsweken - Chiefswood Tent and Trailer Park (camping) Between Onondaga and Middleport, turn from Highway 54 onto Chiefswood Road toward Ohsweken. Access to the river is on the left or east bank on the upstream side of the bridge, or downstream at Chiefswood Tent and Trailer Park (admission fee). 24) North of Caledonia - Harrison's Landing or LaFortune Park On the left or east bank, just off Highway 54, approximately 2 kilometres downstream of Big Creek. (Launching and/or parking fees may apply and parking is day use only.) 25) Caledonia - Kinsmen Park Pull out on the left bank above the low head dam or weir, immediately upstream of the railway bridge. From Highway 54 re-enter just below the dam at Kinsmen Park. Stay clear of the "boil" or dangerous undertow below the dam. 26) York - York Park in the village of York Off Highway 54, just downstream of the York bridge on the left or east bank. The channel running through the park is of historical interest. At one time the channel led to a lift lock, and a dam of the Grand River Navigation Company was situated where the present bridge crossing now stands. Store nearby. 27) Cayuga - Bob Baigent Park Gain access in Cayuga downstream of the Hwy. 3 bridge on the east or left bank, at the Bob Baigent Memorial Park public boat ramp off Ouse Street. "Ouse" was an early English name for the Grand River. Stores nearby. 28) Dunnville - Byng Island Conservation Area (camping) Look for the campground on the right side of the river across from Dunnville. Take the first of three channels into the Conservation Area (admission and camping fee, no launch fee). There is a low head dam or weir on each of these channels. To continue downriver from the park, follow the main channel of Sulphur Creek in the Conservation Area back to the Grand to avoid the Dunnville Dam. For road access to Byng, take Rainham Road in Dunnville to Haldimand County Road 20. 29) Dunnville - Wingfield Park There is a boat launch at Wingfield Park on Main Street, upriver of the Dunnville Dam on the left (town side) of the river. 30) Dunnville - Grand Island Bar-B-Q The Grand Island Bar-B-Q and boat launch is on the south side of Dover Road at the west end of the bridge across the Grand.  *NOTE - THIS LAUNCH IS NOW CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC 31) Dunnville - Dunnville Boat Club The Dunnville Boat Club and boat launch is on Hydro Street, on the left side of the river immediately downstream of the Dunnville Dam (launch fee). 32) Port Maitland at Lake Erie At the end of your trip, there is an easy pull-out, on the right bank off The Esplanade Road, at the boat ramp just before the concrete break walls, where the Grand River enters Lake Erie. You can also paddle around the light station and put ashore to the west of the light station.
October 03, 2013


Predator Package Promotion!



For the month of October*, buy an Old Town "Predator 13" or "Predator MX" Package and SAVE $ 200.00

That's right, buy the Predator Package, which include the kayak, a Carlisle "Expedition Angler" paddle in either 230 or 240 cm, an NRS "Chinook" Fishing PFD and a FOX 40 "Portage" Safety Kit - EVERYTHING you need to get out there and catch the big one!!

The "Predator 13 Package" is $ 1499.99 (would cost $ 1680.00 to purchase separately) The "Predator MX Package" is $ 1399.99 (would cost $ 1570.00 to purchase separately)

September 03, 2013


Just Because School's In...

doesn't mean paddling's out!! There's still PLENTY of great kayaking and SUP weather left before the season's over!!

Check out the upcoming schedule for September: Intro to Kayak: Sept 7, 14, 21 & 28* Intro to Rescue: Sept 14 & 28* Lower Grand River Marshes Tour: Sept 5, 12, 19& 26* Social Paddles: Sept 8 & 27* Intro to SUP: Sept 22* Yoga/Kayak: Sept 20* SUP Social: Sept 6* Rough Water & Kayak Surfing: Sept 15* Autumn Equinox Full Moon & Harvest Moon Paddle: Sept 21* *All programming limited to available kayaks, canoes and SUPs on hand after Fall Sale
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