Rod Wellington Completes Source to Sea Journey!

Congratulations to Rod Wellington as he completes his 6100 km journey from the ultimate source of the Missouri River to the end of the Mississippi River at the Gulf of Mexico! We've followed Rod's expedition with awe and we're proud to have played a small part in helping him along. Rod will be at Grand River Kayak this summer as part of our Speaker Series to talk about this trip and about what the future holds for this intrepid adventurer!

Rods_Profile_PicThis is the 3800 mile/6100 km route I have taken from the utmost source of the Missouri River in southern Montana to the Gulf of Mexico. Today, the journey will be completed. Rods_Route Feel free to follow along here: (A fact to consider: the most direct driving route from New York to Los Angeles covers a distance of 2800 miles/4500km.)


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