Do You Canoe?

That's okay - we forgive you! For those of you who don't know, although our name is Grand River Kayak, we've been offering tours, lessons, rentals and sales of canoe and stand up paddleboards for years! And just to show you that there's no hard feelings, we just invested in a fleet of Old Town Charles_River_action1"Charles River 15" canoes, both for rentals and also for guided Grand River tours or Social Paddles if you prefer. That's right, ANY guided trip we offer on our regular schedule can be done in our new canoes as well as our complete fleet of kayaks. Of course, your canoe rental or guided tour always includes two paddles, two PFD's (with whistles), a proper bailing device and 50' of floating line in a throw bag. Charles_River_action3We're suckers for traditional designs, and we wanted a canoe that had great looks and was easy to paddle. We also understood that any canoe going into our fleet needed to be durable to hold up to rental use and abuse. That led us to the Charles River 15, a design with over 100 years of history but built in triple layer polyethylene. The Charles River 15 in poly will be in stock and available for purchase (and test paddling) in both red and green, and we can custom order the Charles River 16 in Royalex for $ 1784.99 by request. From the Old Town website: "A modern canoe with design lines of an old classic. The Charles River 15 is constructed with our durable three layer construction and features a shallow arch bottom which provides good overall stability. The tumblehome well above the waterline allows for a smaller paddler to reach comfortably while paddling without having to compromise stability by leaning over. If you like the way it looks, you’ll love the way it paddles." While researching the Charles River 15, we came across this interesting blog post from Maine Woods and Waters, about the restoration of one of the original Charles River canoes built by Old Town, way back in 1907! CharlesRiver-Poly-Green-all-anglesFeatures: - Two nylon web seats - Ash yoke and thwart - Black vinyl gunwales - Comfortable carrying handles - Extremely durable three layer polyethylene Specs: Material: Three Layer Polyethylene Length: 15'-8" Width: 35" Width at 4" Waterline: 35.5" Bow Height: 24" Depth: 14" Weight: 80 lbs. Maximum Load: 1050-1100 lbs. Retail Price: $ 1049.99 (CDN) Hull Characteristics: Bottom: Shallow Arch Sides: Flared with tumblehome Rocker: Moderate


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