A Quick Note About Our Location - Don't Listen to Your GPS!

We'd like to clear up some confusion regarding our location and your in-car GPS (and some online) map systems - THEY'RE WRONG! B-0421 For some reason unknown to us, our little section of Port Maitland Road does NOT appear on most online map systems like Bing Maps, and it also seems to be missing from GPS mapping systems: As a result, if you are coming from the Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara QEW Corridor, from the north, and you are passing through the town of Dunnville and over the bridge at the Grand River, when you come to the intersection of Rainham Road (you're driving on it) and Port Maitland Road, your GPS will tell you to turn LEFT and head towards Lake Erie. THIS IS WRONG, you should turn RIGHT - Port Maitland Road heading West is a short, dead end road, and Grand River Kayak is the only address on this little section of Port Maitland Road. Likewise, if you are coming into Dunnville along Hwy 3 (Rainham Road) from the South, from Selkirk, Simcoe, and points West, you will come to the intersection of Port Maitland Road BEFORE you get to the bridge over the Grand River. Your GPS will tell you to turn RIGHT and head towards Port Maitland - NOPE - you want to make a quick left at the Alternative Tire, and you'll be at our place in seconds. You can see our correct location on the map below from Google Maps. If you prefer to print turn-by-turn direction from your home or office to our location, your best bet is to use Google Maps and put in "Grand River Kayak, Haldimand, ON" as your destination. That will give you the correct directions. Google_Maps_Location If you watch along the side of the road as you get closer, you WILL see small Haldimand County Tourism signs with our name on them: IMGP0190At the actual corner of Rainham Road and Port Maitland Road, there is a LARGE 3 foot by 8 foot sign with our logo, the words KAYAK, CANOE & SUP, and TOURS, LESSONS, RENTALS, SALE and a BIG RED ARROW pointing the correct direction down Port Maitland Road. We hope that helps to clear up some of the confusion! See you when you get here!!! ** PLEASE NOTE : This is our ONLY location. Don't let the competition confuse you. We are in no way affiliated with other outfitters or paddleshops on the Grand River, in Haldimand County, Dunnville or elsewhere despite similar sounding names! There is ONLY ONE Grand River Kayak, Canoe & SUP! We are ON THE WATER, and offer the largest variety of kayaks, canoes and SUP's for guided tours, lessons, rentals and sales anywhere on the Grand River!!


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