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Neoprene is the oldest synthetic rubber, invented back in 1930 by DuPont scientists. It’s an important part of the wetsuits, HydroSkin, sprayskirts, gloves and water shoes we make. 2404_back_071410_1000x1000Traditionally, oil has been the raw material in the manufacturing process of the neoprene we use. But no longer; thanks to Terraprene. The raw material in Terraprene is limestone rock. Yes, rock. Sounds crazy, but it’s true. Limestone is very common, making up some 10% of the world’s sedimentary rock formations. The manufacturing process uses limestone’s primary component, calcium carbonate, CaCO3. 30019_03_23041_Right_Angle_020413_1000x1000In addition to saving an increasingly sought-after, fought-over and limited natural resource, oil, the Terraprene-processed ‘neoprene’ has some other very desirable features and benefits:
  • More cells, or tiny bubbles, are formed in the material. It’s these cells, filled with inert nitrogen gas, that create neoprene’s insulating property. More cells equal more insulation, more warmth. And the material is more buoyant, giving you more flotation.
  • It keeps you wa2620_green_left_071108_1000x1000rmer, because it has thicker cell walls that reduce the compression of the material as you move, sit on it, etc. The thicker walls also help prevent loss of the inert nitrogen gas.
  • It’s lighter and stretches more than the oil-based material. The weight savings and increased stretch give you more wearing comfort and mobility.
Warmer, lighter, more stretch, more buoyancy, more comfort, and not oil-based. Terraprene. Sweet! 15021_01_2230w_Left_032913_1000x1000Did you know that we are NRS Dealers, and you can see and try on NRS products in-store before you buy?? So, what do we carry at Grand River Kayak made from this more environmentally-sensitive alternative to traditional neoprene? How about footwear, gloves, rash guards, wetsuits, and insulating base layers like the "Desperado" boot, Work Boots, Toaster Mitts, and both tops and bottoms for men and women in NRS's own "Hydroskin" fabric. Paddle in comfort, year-round, and feel good about your choice of materials!   SOME FEATURED TERRAPRENE AND OTHER COLD WEATHER PADDLING APPAREL: [tcp_list id="terraprene"]


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