An E-mail That Made Us Go "WOW!"

We just recently received this e-mail, and it reminds us why we do what we do!

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Comment: Feb 19, 2013
Dear Grand River Kayak staff
I would like to thank you for a wonderful and encouraging website. In brief I have been recovering from a serious motor vehicle head on collision in 2009. The injury to both knees (double surgeries to both knees) has prevented me from doing what was once possible. The limitations and restrictions over the past 5 years, and the sedentary life style has resulted in me becoming depressed and lacking passion for life. I had done a few years of sea kayaking before the accident, mostly shoreline cruising up north (Parry Sound). I came across your website this past week-end, and have spent countless hours on it, branching off it to research and read numerous other sites that have inspired me and renewed my interest in life, as a result now I look forward to something that will bring pleasure and excitement again.  You have no idea how much of a difference your site has made in rekindling my spirits, as now I cannot wait until your doors open and I can visit and put the thoughts of kayaking again into reality.
Your website has been done in such a way that it offers products and services that are meaningful and captures the interest and is useful to individuals, and I am sure that your sales come as they should; as a result of providing what the customer needs and wants, rather than sales first and then if possible customer requirements and care. Thank You again for the help I have gotten from your website, it has become the light at the end of a long tunnel for me. I am currently looking forward to the father’s day tour, in which I hope my son and his family (2 Adults, 2 Kids) will join me and my young daughter.
As well I look forward to your other tours/ lessons that are part of the itinerary this year.  I look forward to meeting you all and thanking you in person as soon as weather permits and your doors open for the season.
Thank You again
Merv Duke Richmond Hill, Ontario

* Reprinted with permission.

Ed Sullivan
Ed Sullivan


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