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When you sell a brand like Old Town Canoes & Kayaks, it's easy to brag about it!

One of the things we love the most about Old Town Canoes & Kayaks is that they never stop innovating!
Their ideas are fresh and original, just like us!
We started this business a decade ago with a small fleet of Old Town kayaks, and we've never looked back.
Brands have come and gone, but Old Town has always been a consistent presence in our outfitting fleet and in our retail showroom.

Just in the last couple of years, Old Town Canoes & Kayaks has brought us the Heron, Jr kid's kayak, the Predator series of fishing kayaks, the NEXT hydrid kayak/canoe, and NEW upgrades to old favourites with the ACS2 Seating System in the Dirigo and Camden series of premium recreational kayaks.
These models have won more industry and consumer awards than anyone else.

Simply put, we love these guys!

We can't stress enough how much their commitment to a higher level of dealer support has shaped our business.

With quality designs, superior materials, a LIFETIME hull warranty, and a continuous eye on the future, we are confident that Old Town Canoes & Kayaks will be our #1 brand for years to come. As retailers, we don't hesitate to recommend their products to customers, and we stand by the brand and their build quality 100 percent!

Tradition and technology have had a long and comfortable marriage at Old Town.
In 1898 they built their first wood-and-canvas canoe, a more durable, lower maintenance improvement on the Native American birch bark canoe that was its inspiration. They did the same thing with the kayak in 1940, rendering the traditional seal-skin design in more durable wood-and-canvas.

The same spirit of innovation led them to introduce lightweight fiberglass versions of their kayaks and canoes in the 1950s and '60s. And it has continued into the 21st century, as they continually strive to advance the art of paddling through better designs and lighter, more durable materials, like today's three layer polyethylene and three layer Superlinear.

As much as they look ahead, though, they always keep one eye on the past, continuing to be inspired by the best of classic boat-building traditions.


Old Town, Maine has for centuries been the ancestral home of the Penobscot tribe and, in fact, derives its name as an acknowledgement of this proud heritage. Nestled on the edge of the Great North Woods amid the rapids, waterfalls and unforgiving boulders of the Penobscot River, here the tribe hunted, fished and built their sturdy birch bark canoes. And here, over 100 years ago, the Old Town Canoe Company was born.

Inspired by the Penobscot’s watercraft, our first wood and canvas canoe was built by A.E. Wickett in 1898 behind the local entrepreneur George Gray’s hardware store. Made with an eye for detail and a passion for quality, it wasn’t long before Gray’s and Wickett’s canoes were selling like hotcakes. After brief periods as the Indian Old Town Canoe Company and Robertson Old Town Canoe Company, the firm was incorporated in 1903 as Old Town Canoe Co.

After a strong run as the largest canoe manufacturer in the world, Old Town made its first kayak in 1940. By 1970 Old Town had won national awards for material innovation with its fiberglass boats and was the exclusive manufacturer of canoes and kayaks to the US Team. Since then, Old Town has helped reshape the canoe and kayak industry by being the first to bring Royalex® and rotomolded plastic boats to market. Today Old Town continues to advance the canoe and kayak tradition through design and material innovation.

Old Town has been a pioneer in innovative materials for canoes and kayaks that provide rigidity and resiliency, lightweight and long life, attractive looks and affordable prices.

LT9000 logoOld Town is in the process of transitioning all of our rotomolded kayaks and canoes to a higher grade material called LT9000. LT9000 is a compounded blend of polyethylene found in both our single layer and three layer polyethylene processes. This blend is designed to maximize the distribution of polymer in the kayak tools which help us to build lighter boats. LT9000 provides the stiffness needed to ensure your boat will hold up to the impacts that may encounter during your adventure.





Johnson Outdoors Watercraft is home to some of the most storied names in the paddlesports industry, with more than two centuries of collective experience on the water. Their brands, including Necky Kayaks, Ocean Kayak, Old Town Canoes & Kayaks, Carlisle Paddles and Extrasport PFDs, are driven by passion, innovation and the spirit of adventure. Ever mindful of their history yet with an eye toward tomorrow, they're leading the way with the quality, cutting edge design and a pride in craftsmanship that will set the foundation for paddling generations to come.

Don't believe us? Get in here and see the Old Town Canoes & Kayaks quality, innovation and value for yourself!

Too see all of the Old Town Canoes & Kayaks models that we currently stock, CLICK HERE

For more information about the 2015 Johnson Outdoors DEMO DAY, featuring all of the Johnson Outdoors Watercraft brands, including Old Town Canoes & Kayaks, CLICK HERE



Ed Sullivan
Ed Sullivan


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Matt Burley
Matt Burley

September 15, 2015

Hello Ed,
I have had a chance to read some of your articles and this one about Old Town products and the company itself really shows the extent of your passion. I am never surprised to find anyone in any type of retail that can’t sing praises about the product up for grabs, but rather dismayed when I find the opposite. To be able to acknowledge the back ground of the manufacture and the history of the product takes a business to a higher level and speaks volumes about the expertise and commitment to the industry you carry. It’s refreshing to hear someone selling items because they are tried and true and not just because it’s supposedly the latest and greatest or the model that had been sitting and now needs to be pushed out the door. Since this manufacture is one your location has been dealing with for so many years, not only in retail but in your rental fleet is affirmation they must have a solid product line. In future I will have to have a closer look at Old Town products for other members of my family.

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