Farewell to Necky Kayaks

Posted Today on Necky Kayak's Facebook Page:

"The time has come to say farewell to the Necky brand, but this isn't goodbye! The journey continues with our OId Town genuine watercraft brand, as it is expanding to a more diverse line of products, including an all new lineup of touring kayaks, high quality paddles and PFDs (launching this summer)!

If you have any questions concerning your Necky products, feel free to send us a message, or you can email us at feedback@oldtowncanoe.com.

Thank you for the many years of love and good times. Happy paddling!"

Ed - Seems the writing had been on the wall for awhile.... first they stopped production of all composite kayaks, then last year they discontinued the Chatham series.... unfortunate to see another iconic kayak brand lost....
For years, we've been big fans here at Grand River Kayak of Necky's dedication to innovative touring kayaks, from the women-specific Eliza (a legend all on it's own) to the Looksha and Chatham series sea kayaks to the versatile and popular Manitou series of day touring kayak. I was shocked to hear that although the Necky line-up has been quite popular in Canada, they had been struggling for years in their home market of the U.S. Naturally, Canada is a fraction of total sales compared to the U.S.
They (Johnson Outdoors) has been scaling back production for several years. Not so long ago, a customer could have chosen his model and then chosen a material from polyethylene to fibreglass to carbon fibre! Yours truly spent many a season trying to procure a Chatham 16 or 17 in clear carbon fibre...but alas, too few were made and owners were smart enough to understand they had something rare.... I never did find one!
Never fear, old and new Necky Kayak owners - Johnson Outdoors will continue to honour warranties on all Necky products, and look for some of the favourite Necky Kayak models to be rebranded as Old Town models in the next year!

See the remaining Necky Kayaks in stock and available for pre-order HERE.... see something you like - don't wait! Once they're gone, they could be gone for good!


Ed Sullivan
Ed Sullivan


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