Get a GREAT DEAL on a Necky "Eliza" Before They Are GONE FOR GOOD!

Hey, folks!

I wanted to pass on to all of our customers that we have an opportunity to get our hands on some of the last Necky Eliza's in Johnson Outdoors' Canadian warehouse!

As you may or may not be aware, the Necky brand has been discontinued, and awesome kayaks like the Eliza, Looksha and the Chatham series (not to mention the best-selling Manitou 14) are no longer being made..... 

So, here's the offer..... there are about a half dozen Necky Eliza's left in stock. The only colour left is Sunrise (yellow, orange blend).
You can purchase them through us for $1299.99 each, plus tax. The latest Canadian retailer MSRP was over $2000.00.

If you are interested, you can place a pre-order through our website or in store.
We will place your kayak on reserve with the warehouse right away, and it will arrive here approx. a week later.

Remember, there are only 6 left at this point, and other dealers also have access to the warehouse inventory.... 
This deal lasts for as long the inventory does....
Literally the LAST CHANCE to get a brand new Eliza!!

Ed Sullivan
Ed Sullivan


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