One Foot (or Paddle Stroke) In Front Of The Other

Last time I checked, none of us was getting any younger....

That includes Tanya and I....
If you have been following our story for any length of time, you will know that Tanya was diagnosed with breast cancer almost exactly two years ago. Our lives will never be the same. But, that doesn't mean that she (or we) have given up on the paddling lifestyle!
What we have learned over the past couple of years, is how to keep doing the things that you love by adapting to your circumstances....
Neither of us is as young and vital as we were when we started this business....
Looking back, we were in our early 30's and full of life when we started Grand River Kayak. Ed is now almost 50, and feeling every year of his age. Tanya has been through chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation for her breast cancer. Recovery has left her less physically capable and less energetic than her former self.
Does that mean we should give up paddling? HELL NO!!

Here at Grand River Kayak, we have always placed a huge emphasis on teaching people to be safe, confident, competent paddlers whether that be in a kayak or on an SUP board. We continue that focus.
Ergonomics are so important, especially as you begin to age and don't have the flexibility, energy, endurance, and recuperative powers you once had.
Easily 70% of our customers fall into the 45+ age range, and if you want to continue to enjoy this sport well into your 60's and 70's, you need to know how to be the "best" and "healthiest" paddler you can be.

We can help you!
Our lessons are aimed not at making you the "fanciest", "most correct" paddler out there... we won't teach you to jump waterfalls and take your life in your hands, but we WILL teach you to be an ergonomic, safe, competent, injury-free paddler.
Seriously, check out our myriad of available lessons, both for kayak and SUP.

We can give you the guidance you need to be paddling well into your 70's, injury free and safe!
Get outdoors, connect with the water, get some low-impact exercise, learn a new skill, develop a sense of freedom on the water!!



Ed Sullivan
Ed Sullivan


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John Broad
John Broad

June 23, 2018

Ed & Tanya, Really glad to hear things are going well. Although I personally don’t have cancer I lost a dear friend 1 year ago and my brother has been diagnosed with bone cancer and is putting up a brave fight. I speak for my wife Susi and I in wishing you guys the best in the future and we look forward to coming down your way to see you guys. I’m in the market for a kayak and wondering if you’re still selling them. I’d rather give you our money than one of the chains. All the best, JB

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