Update on Tanya's Recovery

Hi, everyone.

I have waited until we had some important news to share an update on Tanya's recovery.
On Tuesday, October 4th. we met with Tanya's surgical oncologist, Dr. Hodgson at the Juravinski Cancer Center for a follow up visit, and to get the pathology results from her mastectomy a few weeks ago.

The results are in, and the news is GOOD : the surgical team feels that they got 100% clean margins and that Tanya is now "cancer free".... the breast tumour was contained, and removed completely. The surgeons also took 23 (YES, that's TWENTY THREE) lymph nodes, and only the very first one tested positive for a microscopic amount of cancer present!

What does all this mean??

Well, in layman's terms it means that the cancer has been removed and that Tanya is on the road to ultimate recovery. She needs to go through a course of radiation treatments, and there's the low, slow road to recovery from the surgery itself, but we're taking one day at a time and she is getting a little bit better every day!

Slow and steady wins the race!

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us and been a part of this process this year. We realize that we have had to make some changes to the way Grand River Kayak has operated this season, and for the most part everyone was very understanding, accommodating and patient.

We're looking forward to a bigger, better and more FANTASTIC season in 2017 !!!

Best Regards,

Ed & Tanya Sullivan

Ed Sullivan
Ed Sullivan


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