Boréal Design has been producing kayaks since 1991 in both polyethylene and composites. From the beginning we have strived to deliver the best designs computers can create. Our molds speak for themselves as you can see by the extreme polish and attention to detail on our composite, thermoformed ABS and rotomolded HDPE models.

Boréal Design is a Canadian based company with Headquarters in Montreal. We have warehouses on Vancouver Island and China which complement our delivery incentives. Since our new ownership has been in place, we have seen serious investment in our thermoforming division which began in 2013. In addition to all the upgrades we have done to the PE kayaks, we have increased the quality of our polyethylene to exceed your expectations in UV resistance and durability.

Boréal Design is continuously working to refine the art of building high end kayaks with the utmost quality in material, workmanship and cutting edge designs in all its components.

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