We are the exclusive distributors of Point 65N Kayaks as well as Point 65 Club series kayaks for Canada.

Point 65 Sweden, founded in 1996, is a leading outdoor brand in Northern Europe and one of the fastest growing outdoor brands in the world.

Point 65 Sweden also offers a wide range of paddle sport products and is the company behind the ingenuous modular take-apart kayaks Apollo, Tequila!, Martini, Mercury and the SUP Rum Runner. 

Founders and Managing Brothers, Tomas and Richard Öhman , have always had a passion for the outdoors, the ocean and the mountains, designing and building their equipment. Avid
sailors, they built their first boat at the age of 12 and 13. The brothers continued to combine their passion of designing, building and riding. They shaped their own surfboards and windsurfing boards back in the early eighties, travelling around Europe, the US and Africa riding and gliding.

The Point 65 team was strengthened in 2004 by living paddling legend Nigel Foster. Nigel did not only bring his legacy to Point 65 but also the history of modern paddling.
His international reputation is built on his designs (he has designed six sea kayaks), his numerous books and articles, his teaching, his instructional videos and DVDs, and his expeditions. Nigel Foster is an international kayak teacher and has become an icon of modern sea kayaking. Nigel is the designer behind the Point 65's Whisky 16 and  Double Shot as well as the Point 65's Nigel Foster paddle and the Explorer PFD.

Tomas Ohman, Nigel Foster, Richard Ohman of Point 65N Kayaks

Point 65N of Sweden manufacturers the following kayak models:

Tequila! GTX Solo modular sit-on-top kayak
Tequila! GTX Tandem modular sit-on-top-kayak
Martini GTX Solo modular sit-in recreational kayak
Martini GTX Tandem modular sit-in recreational kayak
Tequila! GTX Angler modular sit-on-top fishing kayak
Martini GTX Angler modular sit-in fishing kayak
Mercury GTX Solo modular touring kayak for one
Mercury GTX Tandem modular touring kayak for two (or more)
Apollo modular sit-on-top kayak
Gemini modular sit-in recreational kayak

XO11 GTE day touring kayak with AIR seat, rudder & skeg
XO13 GTE day touring kayak with AIR seat, rudder & skeg

Whisky 16 Rocker
Whisky 16 Tourer