Are you new to kayaking? Or an experienced paddler looking to expand and refine your skills? We've got something for everyone! We've introduced literally hundreds of people to the sport of kayaking with our Saturday morning Intro to Kayak lessons. This is a fantastic, low-cost way to find out if kayaking is for you. In 2.5 hours you'll learn everything from safety gear to boat design to balance in the boat and basic paddling skills. Weekends don't work for you? Try our Intro to Kayak / Tour Combo on Friday afternoons or NEW FOR 2014 - Intro to Kayak 4 Week Program on Wednesday evenings. From there, most folks choose to take the Intro to Rescue course, which picks up where Intro to Kayak leaves off. You'll learn to perform a controlled wet exit, learn solo and assisted re-entry to get you back in your kayak, towing basics, and we'll spend some time refining your edging and bracing. Check our Intermediate Skills Clinics all season long. We'll be picking a different skill to focus on for each clinic. Does your forward stroke need some help? Want to be a better edger or bracer? Interested in learning the sculling brace? Ever wanted to try a Greenland paddle? We can help! Ready for more? After an introduction to basic rescue and recovery techniques in Intro to Rescue, challenge yourself with Rescue Skills Level 2; try your hand at the "Hand of God", learn different presentations of the assisted Eskimo rescue, scoops, the use of stirrups, and more. Looking for a bit of an adrenalin rush? Try Rough Water for Beginners. We used to call this course Kayak Surfing. Come on out and play in the waves. Learn to surf when you want to surf, and how to avoid surfing when you don't. We'll cover launching and landing in surf, and give you an opportunity to try some of the rescue techniques you learned in Intro to Rescue, but in less-than-ideal conditions. We bring all sorts of different kayaks for this class, from surf specific designs to sit-on-tops, so you can compare the way a whitewater or surf kayak reacts differently than a 17 foot sea kayak. We've even added SUP's to the mix! This course will introduce you to the power of rough water, and will make you a safer paddler as a result. If you want MORE (or are looking for sea kayak specific lessons), we recommend Paddle Canada certified lessons. We currently offer Introduction to Sea Kayak Skills, and Sea Kayak Skills Level One. Introduction to Sea Kayak Skills is a full-day course, while the Level One Skills course is a full weekend, packed with the skills necessary to plan and execute a day trip, including navigation, group dynamics and risk management. SUP? Don't forget we also teach Introductory Stand Up Paddling! This is by far the hottest craze and fastest growing segment of paddlesports. We are one of the only paddling schools offering SUP lessons on Lake Erie. This is a great opportunity to check out different boards, paddles, and get some instruction on proper stance, paddle techniques, and to get WET! Is your schedule kind of crazy? Can't make it to a regular class? Want to learn something you don't see offered here? Consider private instruction; we can tailor the content to your specific needs, you get personalized attention for yourself or your group, and we'll do our best to find a date and time that works for you. [gallery ids="886,887,888,889,890,891,892,893,4341,4342,4343,4344,885"]