Private Instruction


Can’t make it out to one of our regularly scheduled group lessons? Work odd hours? Or, do you just want to have the undivided attention of the instructor while you work on the skills to want to learn? Some skills, like rolling, are best taught in small groups or individually.
We can tailor private lessons to your specific needs and schedule**.

Price for Instructor is $44.25 per hour*, plus HST for one person, and $35.40 per hour,
plus HST for each additional person in the same group.

These rates assume that you are providing your own gear.
If you don’t have (or don’t wish to use) your own gear for the lesson, please see our RENTALS page for rental rates. If you require rental equipment, you should inquire about the availability of the rental BEFORE booking your Private Instruction.

*Locations to be determined based on schedule and skills to be taught. Travel time to the lake (if necessary) is included the lesson time. ie: the clock starts ticking when we leave Grand River Kayak, and stops when we return to Grand River Kayak. Lake Erie is approx. a 10 minute drive, each way. For lake based lessons there is a 2 hour minimum.




**While our schedule CAN be fairly flexible, keep in mind that we also teach regularly scheduled group lesson, lead guided tours…and need to sleep sometime! We will do our best to accommodate your requests. Mondays and Thursdays tend to be our most available days to teach private lessons.