When you're "SMART", you can do anything!

From beginner to advanced level lessons and courses, YOGA SUP, KARDIO SUP, KID'S SUP, we'll teach you all you need to know about the sport of stand up paddleboarding!

Although we have been carrying SUP's for 5 years now, it has only been this past season that the sport has taken off like it has! At Grand River Kayak we have introduced Stand Up Paddleboarding to hundreds of people, and many have come back to buy their own boards! Our classes were designed for those folks with little to NO experience. Folks who have anxiety about their balance on a board, folks with potential physical limitations and folks looking to expand and develop their levels of physical fitness. Our Athletic Therapist guided classes will allow to to focus on your weak and tight areas of your body in a controlled environment, at your pace! YOGA SUP CLASSES FITNESS SUP CLASSES The classes are for people of all ages, weight and abilities. We are not pretentious. We are not cliquey. We include everyone! Come on out and try for yourself! You don't need to be some sort of SUP superstar to have the time of your life!!   SUP PIC     Check out our SUP SMART Facebook Page, for current news, promotions, and products To learn more about your instructor, check out Tanya Sullivan, Certified Athletic Therapist, SMART Sports Medicine


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