Aquabound : Sting Ray Fibreglass
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The Sting Ray Fiberglass kayak paddle features a versatile and popular blade shape for flat and slow moving water. With a fiberglass shaft to help reduce fatigue and strain and our new stiffer, lighter abXII blades, this is a great recreational paddle.

3-Hole Snap-Button: Our trouble-free snap-button ferrule comes with 0 and 60-degree RHC and LHC feature positions. Quiet and precise, it won’t squeak or wiggle.

Shaft Material: Fibreglass
Blade Material: Fibreglass-reinforced Nylon abXII
Blade Size: 6.25" X 18" (87 sq in)
Weight: 34 oz.
Ferrule Angles: 0 and 60 degrees (L or R)

The Sting Ray Fibreglass paddle is also available in 1 pc or  4pc Snap-Button ferrule options, by custom order. Inquire about pricing and availability.

For optional materials/options, see the link to the entire Aquabound "Sting Ray" series of kayak paddles here.

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