Bear Grylls : Survival Blanket
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Large enough for 2 people, and more durable than lower quality alternatives, the Bear Grylls Survival Blanket could be a life saver. Made of low density polyethylene, the blanket features Bear's 'Priorities of Survival' printed on the blanket and comes in a reusable package that can be used to capture water if necessary.
This blanket can be used to provide warmth, shelter or ground cover.
At 96 x 60 inches, the bright orange and reflective silver blanket can also be used as a signaling device.
Put it in your backpack just in case...

Survival Blanket Features:

  • Lightweight, compact blanket to be used in an emergency for warmth or as a heat shield
  • Made of durable, tear resistant polyethylene
  • Features the 'Priorities of Survival' printed on surface
  • Bright orange on one side, reflective silver on the other for emergency signaling
  • Overall size: 96x30 Inches (approx. 240x75cm)


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