Boreal Design : Baffin P3
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(Check out the Baffin P2, Point 65N SeaCruiser or Whisky 16)

The Baffin P3 - pick your water and enjoy! 

A taller persons boat or for those weighing over 200lbs will enjoy this kayak that during manoeuvres really makes you look good. Stable and balanced the P3 is very comfortable in confused waters leaving paddlers in control when an edge is required.
The P3 uses the finest PE material to in its construction and nothing was left out when filling its deck with bungee and safety line. The cockpit is filled with performance features from its unique brace built into the rim or its aggressive seat system which enhances control and comfort within the kayak. Exceptional value with the innovative and easily accessed skeg control located in front of the cockpit. Why look anymore, here is the one boat you can load and go, a boat for any occasion. 
Paddlers from 200 to 300 lbs will find this kayak a comfortable fit.
The P3 comes with a full compliment of deck rigging and comfortably outfitted cockpit so pick one up and take one for a test ride

Length: 17'-8"
Width: 23-1/4"
Weight: 70 lbs.
Capacity: 375 lbs.


  • Boreal Design's unique "dial control" skeg is standard
  • 3 Hatches, including day hatch with bulkheads
  • Backband seat
  • Thigh Braces
  • Self Rescue Straps
  • Reflective Safety Perimeter Line 

The Baffin is built for the rigors of rough seas. Its unique hull design with the reverse hard chine provides paddlers with a lively yet stable boat compared to other Greenland style kayaks.
The three models in the series are well suited for a wide range of paddlers demanding immediate control and predictability. The generous-sized hatch openings allow paddlers to load up adequate amounts of gear for up to two weeks and the day hatch keeps your essentials handy while on the water.

The Boreal Design Baffin Series comes in 3 sizes, and 3 different constructions, to accommodate paddlers of all sizes. See the entire Baffin Series here.


Boréal Design from Dizifilms on Vimeo.


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