Carlisle : Taboo SUP/Kayak Paddle (Convertible)
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Recreational, versatile two-in-one paddle - A Kayak/SUP Hybrid Paddle

Now a paddle that lets you paddle your stand up board, but easily converts to a kayak paddle too. This versatile two-in-one paddle includes two T-grip handles which let you adjust the length based on your height. It also features a second blade which allows you to easily convert the stand up paddle into a 230 cm kayak paddle.
Stand up or sit down and paddle, the Taboo SUP paddle helps you do both.

The perfect paddle to pair with Ocean Kayak's Nalu 11 and Nalu 12.5 crossover SUP/sit-on-top kayaks

Blade Material: high impact polypropylene
Shaft Material: fully clad aluminum
Lengths: SUP Paddle: 75" or 82" (two T-grip handles included)
Kayak Paddle: 230 cm
Weight: SUP Paddle: 39 oz (75"), 42 oz (82")
Kayak Paddle: 52 oz (230 cm)
Blade Colors: black
Shaft Color: black

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