Guided Tour : Lower Grand River Explorer
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2017 DATES : May 24, June 28, August 2, Sept. 6
TIME : 11:00am to 3:00pm**

We introduced the Lower Grand River "Explorer" Tour last year, after spending the last several seasons discovering all the tranquil little nooks and crannies along the route between Dunnville and Port Maitland.
This new guided tour starts in Port Maitland, quickly leaving behind the hustle and bustle at the boat launch, and takes us upriver to explore the remnants of the old Feeder Canal which was used to divert water to the original Welland Canal. We'll take a quick peek up Broad Creek before paddling up the north side of the Grand River to continue through the second-largest provincially significant wetland in Ontario - the largest being the Long Point biosphere.

This is an excellent tour for paddlers who have already been on our Lower Grand River Marshes Tour or the Dunnville to Port Maitland Tour. You will certainly recognize some of the familiar sights along the way, but the Lower Grand River Explorer is designed to spend more time along the way paying attention to the details and the little areas that can only be explored by kayak!

This route typically departs from Port Maitland, and we paddle upriver back to Grand River Kayak. Don't worry, the current flow between Dunnville and Port Maitland is practically non-existent most of the time, and you won't notice any more physical exertion paddling upriver - trust us!

Our Guided Tour fees always include all of your equipment, the services of a professional and friendly guide, and any shuttles that may be required.

Ask us about options to purchase a bagged lunch to bring along on this trip for an extra $10.00

**This tour involves SITTING in a kayak for up to 3 hours, and once the tour launches there are LIMITED opportunities to get out of the boat for a BREAK, and NO OPPORTUNITIES to shorten the tour route. If you are not comfortable being on the water for 3 hours or more, this is probably NOT the tour for you.

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