Lesson : Intermediate Kayak Skills Workshops (On The Road Edition)
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2018 DATES : See Above
TIME : 6:00pm to 8:00pm
LOCATION : Sault Ste. Marie, ON (EXACT location TBA)


Well, that's a loaded question...And the answer is that it really depends on each individual paddler. Seriously. For some kayakers, edging and bracing are intermediate skills - for others it might be sculling, a bow draw, or it might be refining their forward stroke. Any skill that bridges the basic skills taught in "Intro to Kayak" but stops short of Rescue and Recovery skills could be considered an "Intermediate Skill". Typically, Intermediate Skills are aimed at paddlers with day touring or sea kayaks, as most of these skills would be less appropriate for recreational or sit-on-top kayaks.

The instructor will try to work with the individual needs of each student, while at the same time moving the entire class forward through a series of exercises designed to improve your boat handling skills - this is where you learn to combine skills to make your kayak really dance!

Have you taken Intro to Kayak and Intro to Rescue? What’s NEXT?
Are you looking for a couple of hours to review your forward stroke and try a variety of other strokes including perfecting your sculling draw, high and low bracing and maybe towing?
Then this is the class for you.

Improve Your Forward Stroke is designed to help you get the most efficiency out of your forward stroke using good ergonomics and proper form. Don't know the difference between whether you are a "high angle" or "low angle" paddler? Curious to know how different paddle and blade styles affect your forward stroke? Ever tried a traditional Greenland paddle? Now's your chance!

Edging and Bracing will focus on helping you can better control of your kayak through proper use of edging, and increase your comfort and confidence by teaching you to use safe, ergonomic bracing techniques to avoid a capsize. You will also learn to combine edging with bracing to turn the kayak in a more efficient and quick manner.

Directional Control is all about making the kayak go where YOU want it go, with the least amount of physical effort and strain. Learn how subtle changes to the blade angle in, or on, the water can make a huge difference in how your kayak responds. Stern rudders, bow pries, draw strokes, sweep strokes, running draws will all be explored, as well as how to combine multiple strokes for maximum effect. Combine Directional Control with the techniques you learned in Edging and Bracing, and now you can really make your kayak MOVE!

Rolling Primer is geared towards all levels of paddler, but will be the most beneficial to those who have gained the skills in the other "Intermediate Skills" workshops above. We'll start at the beginning, putting the roll together in a series of steps, but if you've never even tried to roll before, don't expect to be a Eskimo rolling master at the end of this two-hour lesson. Everyone learns at a different pace, and it may be necessary to continue your skills development with private instruction beyond this "primer" lesson.

STILL WANT MORE??? Consider one-on-one Private Instruction with Grand River Kayak owner and Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Instructor, Ed Sullivan - ask us how!

Our Paddling Lesson fees always include all of the required equipment and the services of a qualified, professional and friendly instructor. If you wish to provide your own kayak or gear, please discuss this with us in advance. We encourage students to learn using their own equipment, but occasionally your kayak or gear may not be appropriate for the intended lesson.
Please note that we do not provide a discount on any lessons shorter than a full day in length (Paddle Canada lessons) for providing your own gear.

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