North Water : Contact Tow (Paddle Park)
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The Contact Tow is two wide gate stainless steel keyhole-eye carabiners and 60” of line, a simple solution for: contact tow, bridal tow, rafting up boats, foot stirrup, attaching to a dock, a paddle leash, containing one or more paddles during a rescue etc… We finish the ends without knots, making it easy to run through deck lines.

Size: 60” X ¼” Line

As a contact tow, fasten one carabiner to your deck line in front of the cockpit and the other to the boat being towed. Make sure that the line is positioned in a way to not entangle either paddler.

Watch world-renowned sea kayaking coach, Gordon Brown, demonstrating the use of a contact tow in this video:


To use as a paddle leash, the line must be wrapped around the paddles and secured with the carabiner.

If using the Paddle Park as a a rescue stirrup, become familiar with the ‘Butterfly knot’ for a secure footloop.
Do not use a slip knot as it will lead to an entrapment situation.


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