North Water : Dynamic Sea Tow PRO 50'
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The development of this product is the result of collaboration between North Water and the world class coaches at Body Boat Blade International. Previous joint efforts led to our benchmark setting Sea Tec Tow Line.
We started by addressing the key issues of towing in dynamic water environments; we looked at deployment, towing, packing and immediate re-deployment as critical components of rescue. Part of this effort included designing a bag that would easily and securely hold the rope when open or closed, retain no water and in the event you jettison the bag it will reel in quickly without scooping water. This allows rapid retrieval when used in multiple rescue situations.

We offer PRO models with 35’ and 50’ lines with all the bells and whistles an advanced paddler requires as well as a BASIC system for new paddlers. We realize paddlers like to customize their tow systems, so we made all the features interchangeable with both systems. This allows the novice to upgrade their tow line as they gain experience in more dynamic water. The 50’ length complies with Canadian Coast Guard regulations. This can be cut down to 15’ for general towing, then as your rescue techniques develop it can be replaced with the remaining 35’ line.



Coast Guard compliant 50’ x 1/4” multifilament poly line
Built-in shock absorber
Large stainless steel, keyhole, eye carabiner
Carabiner floatation
Quick release grab toggle
Reflective marker
Drainage panel


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