North Water : PFD Quick Release Sea Link
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In our opinion, this is one of the BEST short line, PFD-mounted tow systems out there! This is what our instructors and guides wear, and it's become an indispensable piece of gear. 

This compact system gives you the option of turning a short 4.5 foot tow line immediatly into a 15 foot tow line with the release of a buckle. It attaches to any quick-release PFD harness, has built-in floatation and shock absorber. It gives you the versatility you need for a quick rescue.


Attaching To Your PFD
Release the quick release buckle on your PFD; remove the free end of the belt from the belt loops so it can be threaded through the 2 inch D-ring, this will position it at the back of the PFD. Re-thread the belt through the belt loops and secure the buckle. Now take the end of the Sea Link and attach the paddle carabiner to the front of the PFD so it can be accessed when needed.

Using The Tow Line
Unclip the carabiner from the front of your PFD and clip it to the grab-loop or the security loop of the boat that you plan to tow. You will then be towing from a 4.5 foot line.
If you require a longer line unclip the side release buckle on the pouch. The line will thread out of the pouch as you paddle forward giving you a towing length of 15 feet.

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