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Performance & comfort

Paddlers fall for the looks as much as the performance of the XO13. The XO13 and the shorter version, the XO11 are recreational touring kayaks that perform better than many significantly longer kayaks.

The XO13 draws attention wherever it goes. At 13’ this is a high-performance day boat with obvious touring capabilities.

Length: 13'-0"
Width: 25"
Weight: 57 lbs
Capacity: 42"
Cockpit: 33" X 18"

The XO13’s hull is designed for stability, maneuverability and excellent tracking in any waters. From coastal areas, to lakes and rivers. The XO13 is equipped with the new, innovative Point 65 Symmetry skeg system, foot braces, and storage compartments both front and aft for storage and added safety. A liftable rudder is optional with Easy-to-adjust rudder pedals. The cockpit features adjustable thigh braces and soft, ergonomically designed carrying grip pads on the cockpit rim for easy portaging by hand or on your shoulder. The cockpit, designed for easy entry/exit, is large enough to suit all types of paddlers.

The XO13 is available in a super durable 3-layer light weight polyethylene version (3L) and a more affordable 1-layer version (1L).

The XO13 is available with 3 different seat options:

- XO13 GS features the Point 65 standard seat which provides good lumbar support and a perfect paddling position.

- XO13 GT features the Point 65 very comfortable padded seat with adjustable backrest. Materials are water repellant and are easy to clean and keep pristine for many years.

- The GTE version features the unique and innovative Point 65 AIR seat which allows for maximum comfort and fit by inflating built in air bags with easy-to-use hand pumps.

The XO13 is a great recreational kayak for day excursions, fishing, photographing, and just having fun.


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