Rental : Fishing Kayak
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Fishing Kayak Rentals are available in 2 hour, 4 hour, or Full Day time periods.
Our Regular Rental Rates are:
2 hours = $19.47
4 hours = $30.09
Full Day= $39.82
HST is extra

We rent some of the highest quality, best designed fishing kayaks on the market!
We're not talking about somebody's recreational kayak with a rod holder stuck on it - we're talking about real FISHING MACHINES!
A fishing kayak should be designed to do ONE THING - make your fishing trip AWESOME!
Beginner-friendly, comfortable, and perfect for the paddling and fishing conditions found on the Lower Grand River - there are some quiet, out of the way fishing spots that can only be reached by kayak.....

Typical models in the category include the Old Town "Predator 13", "Dirigo 120 Angler", "Vapor 120 Angler" and the Ocean Kayak "Trident 13 Angler", "Prowler Big Game II" or "Prowler 13 Angler" (or similar)
These kayaks are in the 12 to 14 foot length, and are around 30 inches wide.
Sit in models have large, open cockpits that provide easy entry and exit. Sit on top models have adjustable seats for all day comfort. All models are equipped with rod holders, paddle keepers, adjustable foot rest, and hatches for storage of personal items.
All fishing kayak rentals include an angler-specific PFD, paddle, and Transport Canada required safety gear.
All you need is your fishing gear!
Find some general information about fishing on the Grand River in our area with this article.
Please note that unless otherwise specifically requested in advance, Grand River Kayak cannot guarantee a particular model with-in the category.

Prior to purchasing or reserving your rental, we highly recommend you review our Rental Terms & Policies for more information regarding your rights and responsibilities.
At Grand River Kayak, we take customer safety seriously. Your experience should be fun, but it should also be safe. 
PFD's (lifejackets) are supplied with EVERY rental (except bikes, obviously) and wearing them is mandatory whenever you are near or on the water.

A valid driver's licence and credit card are required for security.

When booking your rental, we may ask for information regarding your height, weight, shoe size, etc in order to determine an appropriate kayak model that fits properly.

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