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Sea Kayak Rentals are available in 2 hour, 4 hour, or Full Day time periods.
Our Regular Rental Rates are:
2 hours = $26.55
4 hours = $35.40
Full Day= $44.25
HST is extra

What's a "sea kayak", you ask?
Sea kayaks (or Touring kayaks) are descendants of the original Greenland "qajaq", meaning "hunter's boat".
Over the last 4000 years the materials have evolved but the overall design has remained much the same. They are long, narrow, and less stable that their "recreational" and "day touring" cousins.
Sea  Kayaks are designed for covering longer distances over open water, and so their priorities tend towards speed, efficiency, tracking, and load carrying capacity. Today, we tend to paddle sea kayaks for their performance characteristics, and more often than not they are paddled without load on shorter trips.
Better suited to intermediate to advanced paddlers, our sea kayaks are at home on the wide open stretches of the Lower Grand River, and for coastal paddling along the Lake Erie shoreline, as well as playboating in the surf.

Typical models in the category include the Current Designs "Sirocco", Hurricane Kayaks "Tracer 165", Necky "Eliza", "Elias", or "Chatham 16" (or similar)
These kayaks are in the 15.5 to 18 foot length, and are around 21-24 inches wide. Smaller, fitted cockpits provide excellent control of the kayak using the thighs and legs, and are designed to keep the water out when the conditions get rough. All models are equipped with bulkheads and hatches for storage of personal items. Most are equipped with either a rudder or skeg.
Please note that unless otherwise specifically requested in advance, Grand River Kayak cannot guarantee a particular model with-in the category.

Prior to purchasing or reserving your rental, we highly recommend you review our Rental Terms & Policies for more information regarding your rights and responsibilities.
At Grand River Kayak, we take customer safety seriously. Your experience should be fun, but it should also be safe. 
PFD's (lifejackets) are supplied with EVERY rental (except bikes, obviously) and wearing them is mandatory whenever you are near or on the water.
All rentals include the kayak, paddle, PFD, and Transport Canada required safety equipment (bilge pump, throw bag, whistle), and spray skirt (when appropriate). The proper use of this equipment will be explained prior to your rental.

A valid driver's licence and credit card are required for security.

When booking your rental, we may ask for information regarding your height, weight, shoe size, etc in order to determine an appropriate kayak model that fits properly.

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