Travelchair : Slacker Tripod Stool
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The Slacker tripod stool is a lightweight camp chair that folds down small, it is easy to set up and is the perfect blend between comfort, portable and durability.
At less than 2 lbs. you can bring along this three legged stool on your hike or simply leave it in your trunk until it is needed for the next game.
Who would use The Slacker tripod stool: Hunters, fishermen, coaches, golf spectators, bird watchers
Where they would use The Slacker tripod stool: hiking, hunting blind, sidelines, matches, games, golf tournaments
Why they would use The Slacker tripod stool: light, portable, gets you off your feet, practical, stable, strong, overbuilt
Dimensions (Closed): 3x3x24
Dimensions (Open): 12x14x20
Seat height: 12x12x17.5
Capacity: 275lbs
Three little legs that’ll hold 275 pounds.
The Slacker is as tiny as it is tough.
When closed and secured with its integral Velcro® strap, it’s no bigger than a rolled up newspaper.

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