Werner : Skagit Hooked
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The Skagit: Hooked offers mid-sized low angle blade with features directly from our Premium Performance Paddles, at a lower price. Great value for entrants to kayak fishing.
    • Standard Performance gives you Werner's heritage and advanced design features at introductory prices.
    • Mid-sized, low-angle blades fit the widest range of anglers.
    • Injection molded blades with designs derived from our Premium Performance paddles offers a good catch and is stable feeling.
    • Available in our carbon blend Straight shaft, Standard Diameter in longer lengths for wider boats and raised seats.
    • Fiberglass reinforced nylon injection molded blades are durable at a lower cost.
Surface Area: 605 sq cm
Blade Length x Width: 49 x 15.6cm
Straight Shaft Weight: 992g/35oz

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