The next step after Introduction to Kayaking !

Would you know what to do if your kayak capsized accidentally ?

Here’s your opportunity to learn basic rescue techniques in a controlled environment.
We’ll start with the wet exit, and teach you a variety of assisted and solo rescues that will get you back into your kayak and on your way. You WILL absolutely be GETTING WET, so wear clothing appropriate for being IN the lake, and a change of dry clothes and a towel!
This course takes place at a local beach on Lake Erie. Lake Erie is the shallowest and most southerly of the Great Lakes and as a result it tends to warm up faster and stay warmer throughout the summer. Courses in early June may require a wetsuit or extra layers, but beyond the end of June, the water is generally warm enough that a bathing suit under your PFD will be fine.

Topics covered will include :

  • Wet exit
  • Capsize prevention included low and high bracing
  • Assisted Rescues : T-Rescue, Eskimo bow rescue
  • Self-rescue with paddle float
  • Contact tow
  • Review of recommended safety gear