The Benefits of a Point 65N Modular Kayak

Do you have problems lifting a sixty pound kayak onto the roof of your vehicle?
Don't have roof racks on your car or truck, and don't really want to add them?
Do you want the convenience of a folding or inflatable kayak, but you also want the durability and feel of a solid kayak
Do you have limited storage space at home and no place to keep a 14, 15, 16 foot kayak?
Do you want the ultimate flexibility of a kayak that can accommodate 2 or 3 or more paddlers, but can easily convert to a solo kayak when you want to paddle on your own?
Do you value innovation and quality in the products you buy??

If you answered "yes" to any one or more of the questions above, let us introduce you to the modular line of kayaks from Point 65N of Sweden!

Sit-on-top, sit-inside recreational, sit-inside day touring... even a modular SUP board! Which do you prefer? It depends on your needs, your wants, your personal tastes and your budget.

Buy a solo kayak. Add an extra mid-section to create tandem kayak. Add another mid-section to create a triple. Your imagination is your only limit, but based on practicality, we'd say a triple or even quad kayak is not out of the question.
With two tandem kayaks (4 cockpits) you could create two single, or two tandems, or one single with one triple - Ultimate Versatility for the whole family!
We like them for our rental fleet - easy to set up a tandem for families with children, elderly parents, or beginner paddlers to have a guide or more experienced paddler in the boat with them.

Easy to carry, easy to transport, easy to assemble.... and easy for us to ship to your door!! Shipping kayaks is, as a general rule, an expensive proposition. The biggest reason for that is that because of their large size, typical one-piece kayaks can only be shipped by transport company. And these companies don't use the actual weight of the kayak when they determine their rates, they use something called the cubic weight - length X width X height of the item, X 10 pounds per cubic foot is the standard. This means that an average 14 foot day touring kayak that only weighs 50 pounds will get charged according to it's cubic weight (ie 14' X 2' x 1.5' = 42 cu ft) X 10 lbs = 420 pounds instead of 50.
Modular kayaks ship in two or three individual boxes that a courier company can easily handle, and this saves LOTS of money on shipping charges!
In a recent comparison, we inquired for a freight quote based on a tandem sit-on-top kayak to be shipped from our location in Dunnville to a customer in British Columbia. Based on the kayak being shipped as one solid kayak with a trucking company, we got a rate of just over $700.00... that's just the cost of shipping! That same kayak shipped in 3 sections with a courier was only $270.00.... Huge savings, and that's clear across the country, and every dollar of savings is passed directly on to you, the consumer!

Imagine owning a 14 foot day touring kayak that you could easily fit INTO a small car without the need for a roof rack.... No need to lift a 50 to 60 pound kayak from the ground to the roof of your vehicle! Keep your kayak(s) in the back of a van or pick-up truck without any kayak left hanging out the back!
Store your kayak in a closet, shed, or garage easily....
The advantages are endless....

Have we made you curious yet?
Check out the entire online or in-store at our Point 65N of Sweden Modular Kayaks Collection




Ed Sullivan
Ed Sullivan


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